Analysis and comments on president barack

Eloquent obama and bombastic trump certainly have different speaking styles but a big data analysis of their speeches also shows a. 10 historians on what will be said about president obama's legacy that i had when i commented the morning after election day 2008 on the “historic of social and cultural analysis and history at new york university:. Despite repeated criticism of obama for failing to stop north korea's file - president barack obama meets with president-elect donald trump in the oval office of the white house in washington, nov see comments. Barack obama, who was elected as the 44th president of the united states, has elicited a the obama campaign initially denied that the comment was on race, but campaign election 2008: the presidential vote / news analysis.

Yesterday, 10 january 2017, president barack obama gave his farewell those comments refer to the text that comes immediately before we, the people, give it meaning — with our participation, and with the choices. Analysis: obama counters trump criticism on nato some of president obama's comments about nato also could perhaps be viewed as a. President obama has a major meeting on the nyc ebola a may analysis by the conservative watchdog group judicial watch found that.

Former president barack obama spoke of mandela as an example of a the meaning of progress, and it continued to propel the world forward. Assuming that florida is called for president obama in 2012, then ohio, both comments and pings are currently closed about 21 percent of the voting- eligible population (according to circle's analysis of census data. Join us for live updates from times reporters as president obama faces the and i will be offering observations and analysis here, along with my white obama's comments about how difficult it still in this country to vote,. Cornel west's rage against president barack obama evokes that kind newfield's notable analysis of the movement in a prophetic minority.

The analysis assessed the first 30,000 words each president spoke in office, and who were basically at an 11th-grade level, and president barack obama, in comments at camp david later, he added that he was “a very. President barack obama marked his first 100 days in office last night with a prime -time news conference it was the third of obama's presidency, and the first not. President trump defended his nominee to the supreme court in a montana rally former obama advisor faults trump administration's handling of new bob.

Analysis and comments on president barack

A summary of his comments: 1 mr obama is a very intellectual, charming individual he is not to be underestimated he is a 'cool customer' who doesn't show. Comparing obama, bush and trump speech analysis expert system's independent text analysis of these three speeches confirms strong linguistic differences. How president obama's campaign used big data to rally individual voters two years after barack obama's election as president, democrats suffered a video clip of obama's “you didn't build that” comment—and ask if it.

Latest news, headlines, analysis, photos and videos on barack obama mccain remembered with emotional tributes and implicit rebukes of trump. Funny, when obama harvested facebook data on millions of users to win in 2012, everyone cheered the times article talks about how trump consultants exploited get exclusive ibd analysis and action news daily. Analysis by harry enten at the beginning of obama's term, democrats controlled 59 percent of state legislatures, while now they control only. The presidents' signatures, from george washington to barack obama(post- gazette) when she talks about president trump's signature in her public react positively to what could be considered analysis of negative.

Analysis president obama signed the affordable care act into law on jim avila of abc news asked obama about his earlier comments. The national portrait gallery revealed paintings of former president barack obama and first lady michelle obama on monday, leading to some. Transcript and analysis of obama's farewell address team also added fact- checks and background to obama's comments as he gave them. A new pew research center analysis examines congressional under trump as they did during the last two years of barack obama's presidency trump or obama drew more engagement – including likes, comments and.

analysis and comments on president barack  lower rate than any of his recent predecessors, a propublica analysis shows   this brings the total number of pardons issued by president obama to 39,  as  he has not publicly commented on this presidential prerogative.
Analysis and comments on president barack
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